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Join Us in the Growing Movement to Buy American

PROUDLY MADE IN AMERICA is dedicated to creating jobs in America by increasing the awareness of American-made goods. Our mission is two-fold: 1 ) Grow the sales of these products by promoting their Made in America status  2 ) Encourage more businesses to manufacture in America (rather than offshore) by promoting the economic and environmental benefits to our country and its people. We are a volunteer-led initiative and not affiliated with any political party or group. Just hard-working Americans who want to make a difference!

statue_of_liberty_Check out these links to important content in this website:
• Success Stories about Made in America companies
Consumer Products directory
Manufacturers directory
Why Make It Here library of articles

Why enroll your business in the Proudly Made IN AMERICA campaign?
• Research shows when given a choice, 78 percent of Americans choose Made in America
• Increase your sales by connecting with new customers who support Made in America goods and services
• Differentiate your products from foreign-made competition
• Share your company’s unique Made in America Success Story
• Add influence to your point of sale with our trademarks
• Connect with potential employees who want to work for a Made in America company

We hope you’ll also get involved by using the links to our Facebook page, sharing your thoughts in the Comments box below (click on the article link at right to enable the Comments box), or Contacting Us here.

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